By: ewhite422

May 09 2015

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I have learned I need to be careful what I post on social media. I think last week before I went to NYC, I posted something about being a good sister/friend, always there to pick you up if you fall…after I finish laughing.

Well, I┬áDID fall in NYC and a couple of my friends ran over to me (with smiles on their faces after they figured out I wasn’t seriously hurt). “It’s because your boobs are too big,” announced one whose own boobs are, well, smaller than mine. The other one chimed in, “Yes, and your ass is too small! You just don’t have the right balance!” She’s the one who’s always running to try to “run her ass off.”

We had a good laugh.

But I’m still sore a week later.

I take back what I posted! I will NOT laugh if you fall…at least not visibly or audibly.