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By: ewhite422

Mar 23 2010

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I spoke with an old friend in Austin today. We haven’t talked in months and before that…years. But we always pick up where we left off. We met in The Junior League of Austin. She was in charge of some committee I had to volunteer for, and she was one of the first to have caller ID back in the day. So when I called her about my committee assignment from my office, she gasped, “Who could be calling me from The Christian Coalition?” She picked up the phone hesitantly, but was gracious when she found out it was I on the other end. She put her best tolerant foot forward.

Those were the days of my working for right wing causes. I co-hosted a daily radio talk show on Christian radio, and I lobbied the Texas legislature for “family issues.” However, I also invited the county Chairman of the Democratic Party, now Senator Kirk Watson, to speak to our group, since we claimed to be non-partisan. And I had PhDs who listened to my radio show, because, apparently, I was reasoned and not inflammatory. Alas! My radio carreer was short, however, the show was cancelled after a year and a half.

“When are you coming over to the dark side?” she wanted to know this morning. She’s convinced I’m a Democrat.

I still think I’m a Republican. I believe in individual freedom and responsibility. I have 9 children, for Pete sake! I’m always stressing to them to make wise decisions and pointing out that their father and I do not have a bottomless pit of money. So, I get it that you cannot continue to spend for anyone’s benefit…however much you’d like to. Or however much you’re expected to.

But where are the reasoned Republicans? How is it that not one of them voted for the healthcare bill? Not one? I remember people from both sides saying that reform was needed. Why did it turn out to be so partisan?

I do not like the fact that healthcare has become such a divisive issue. Since it is so important, could we see some collaboration? Would that be too much to ask? One new friend tried to give me a wake up call recently in reaction to my idealism, “Wake up Dorothy! You’re not in Kansas anymore!

Okay, maybe I’m not in Kansas, but surely we can agree on some things! Health care? Is that so hard?


2 comments on “health care”

  1. Elaine – this is just awesome!!! I love the “Some thing never change.” And I love your take on the health care issue. Gosh, you would think they would listen to each to make the best world possible – but no!

    Good job!!! Love it and you!


    • Thank you, Renea! I seem to be “all over the map” with my posts. But I write about things that I am thinking, so maybe it’s an indication that I have ADD! 🙂 Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind comment!

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