some things never change

I have sipped my coffee the same way every morning for 52 years. No sugar. Enough cream or coffee mate to turn it a caramel color. I hold the mug (never, ever styrofoam) under my nose and breath into the steam softly. This causes the vapor to rise and helps my eyes wake up with a nice steam bath. Works every time.

I set my table with cloth napkins. I never use paper. Hell, I didn’t even use paper diapers on my children! So, I am way down there on the consumption scale of paper products.

I watch CNN every morning. Not FOX, not any of the networks…just CNN and the sometimes annoying HLN with Robin. I did not subscribe to her wake up service!

My clothes are sorted by color in my closet. I never wash towels with dark colors. And I always bleach my kitchen towels. If there is one thing that’s disgusting, it’s a grey kitchen towel.

If I am sick at my stomach, I say, “I’m nauseated.” My honors English teacher, Ms Fowler,       would be aghast at people declaring that they were “nauseous,” which to her would mean that they were all making everyone else sick at their stomachs.

I also know that alright is not a word. All right is two words.

I call my mother almost every day. It makes her day and it’s the least I can do.

I tell my husband how much I love him every day…multiple times.

I practice giving thanks for everything. Even the crappy things. This takes practice because sometimes the crappy things add up. But if you are thankful for them, then they get frustrated at trying to annoy you and they go away.

I am cheerful with strangers. And they tell me the most remarkable stories.

I also think about God every day. It’s a habit I started when I was a toddler, and it has led me into some wild and hairy adventures…not all pleasant. Still, I think about God…because with me, that never changes.

Some things never change and that is all right with me.


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