girls from the 50s

By: ewhite422

Mar 25 2010

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A picture in the New York Times this morning brought back memories…

Elizabeth Warren, who oversees the Troubled Asset Relief Program, is shown above as a young girl in Oklahoma.  She is a force to be feared by Wall Street now, but she looks demur in this photo.  I have a similar picture of myself somewhere in all my family photos that I can never get around to organizing.  Apparently, this pose was popular “back in the day.”  The one of me has my two pretty cousins on either side of me, and we’re all holding out our skirts just like Elizabeth.  The funny thing is my cousins look so cute and adorable…and me…well, I must have just come from the bathroom, because hanging down from beneath my skirt held high by my pudgy 3 year old hands is my underwear…on backwards.  Good thing the New York Times does not have that photo of me…no one would ever be scared of me again…not even the squirrels in our backyard that I try and scare off the bird feeders.

Funny how little girls go through stages.  My three year old redhaired granddaughter is in the bossy stage, pretty much the inverse of Elizabeth, my cousins and me.  We all do pretty much whatever she says, unless it is bad for her.  We went for a walk around her neighborhood last week and she had me singing, “If You’re Happy and You Know It” until I was out of breath.  I suggested, just to distract her, that we play follow the leader.  She said, “Okay, do what I do, Grammy.”  She started skipping and I followed along, happy not to be singing.  After a while I said, “Okay, now Grammy gets to be the leader!”  I tried to get in front of her, but she would have nothing of it.

My son-in-law following with my other granddaughter who is 11 months old, offered, “She’s not much of a follower.”

I never did get to be the leader.  And that is okay, because I am learning to follow these days.  Follow my children in their quest for their life path, follow my parents as they deal with getting older, and follow my instincts about what I am supposed to do at this stage in my life.  I have been hard headed most of my life, so this time of following is not easy for me, but hopefully, I’ll catch on and maybe I’ll be able to avoid embarrassing photos.


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