living what I know

By: ewhite422

Mar 26 2010

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I don’t study the Bible any more.  That will probably make some of my friends mad, and maybe you’ve suspected it over the years.  I’m just trying to live out the scriptures I do know.  It takes dedication.  How about “love your enemies?”  Or “pray for those who despitefully use you?”  That could take a long time to get right!

I got the Horchow and the Chico’s catalogues yesterday and started wondering how long it’s been since I bought anything for myself.  If you have “take no thought about what you will wear or eat” playing in your mind, the catalogues lose their intrigue.

I’m trying to “be present” for those I love.  My daughter called this to my attention recently.  I probably shouldn’t say more about that…only that I’m really paying attention.

I had the “talk” with my parents today.  Actually, it was only a start.  How can you make your wishes known in one afternoon?  We sifted through wills and powers of attorney.  I had a glass of red wine and watched as my formerly confident mother fumbled through her papers.  Dear God!  Am I really here?  She’s not going to rule my life forever?  I have to be in charge?  But I’m only 55!

An only child.

So, I’m trying to live what I know.  And I know that Jesus’s teaching was very practical.  He wasn’t all that impressed with organization or hierarchy.  He paid attention to the day to day details, and that’s what I am trying to do.

You may know that I was a missionary to Mexico for 12 years.  I am back in touch with many people who were part of our church.  Their paths have led them in different directions, some of them painful.  Several women have “homeschooled” their children because they saw me doing it.  Some are still in painful marriages because they saw me enduring it.

Lord, have mercy!

Help me to live what I know! Love my neighbor…love myself? How long will you give me to get this right?


2 comments on “living what I know”

  1. My dear Elaine, I wanto you to know something, real friends always will love you just like you are, with no questions but respecting your way of thinking, and I believe that you really gave the best of you and now people who know you still been your friends as me.

    Furthere more I´m complete agree about you wrote respect Jesus´s teachings, the problem is that human been use tu make things to be complicated, but not my loved Lord Jesus, life in him is easy when you understand the respect for the others.

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