a crime is a crime

By: ewhite422

Mar 29 2010

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With all respect to my Catholic friends who are as sick about the horrible child abuse as I am, I would like to make a couple of comments.  First of all, a crime is a crime.  It never should have happened.  And it seems it did take place over and over in multiple countries…we’re hearing Ireland, United States, and Germany in the news now.  I suspect there are more, don’t you?  That is the first crime.  The second crime is that it was not reported to authorities.  One may say, “Oh, but it was reported within the Church.”  Since I confess I am not a Catholic (although I do have a Catholic spiritual advisor), I cannot see how this is different from a crime, say, of stealing or killing.  If a priest killed someone, would that not be reported?

This crime of child abuse involves stealing and killing in a figurative and dastardly way.  And to continue to put little children in the care of a known abuser is unconscionable.

The Catholic Church is not the only place where this is happening.  According to Justice for Children (www.justiceforchildren.org), the statistics are high right here in the US.  Consider the following:

  • 3 Million reports of child abuse are filed annually nationwide (Source: National Incidents Survey III)
  • Incidents of child abuse are actually higher as this is an underreported crime
  • Of the 3 million reported cases, 1 million are confirmed child abuse cases (NIS III)
  • Of these 1 million confirmed cases, only 28% received any intervention (NIS III)
  • As a result, countless children are left in dangerous homes every year
  • Children left in an abusive home will be abused again
  • Without intervention, today’s abused child could become tomorrow’s runaway, juvenile delinquent and in many cases, an abusive parent themselves

It has to stop.  A crime is a crime.  And whether it is a trusted priest or a trusted parent, both swearing they love the child and that they will never do it again, there is evidence to show that they will likely abuse again.  Children must be protected.  I have story after story that I can share with you where children have been returned to their abusers by government agencies that were created to protect them. 

Justice for Children provides attorneys (pro bono) to represent the interests of the child and to make sure that they are not returned to their abuser.  It is not enough to be outraged by what we are reading taking place in the Catholic Church.  What are we going to do about the abuse taking place in our own communities?  I urge you to get involved.


2 comments on “a crime is a crime”

  1. It got buried back between the Obituaries and Police Blotter, but I read a few weeks back that Dallas ISD had at least 34 instances of female teachers having “inappropriate relationships” with male students over the last 3 years. According to a whistle-blower, all of them were reassigned to different schools.
    I’m not adding any comment, since there are so many implications involved.

    • The offending male priest should upon the first offence, be emasculated, neutered, since they don’t need to procreate anyway; then they should never be associated with children again. Males in society should also be neutered, with a “P” tatoo on the left facial cheek to put everyone on notice as to what kind of person he is. Evil has permeated the Catholic Church as well as society at large. Yes they can be forgiven, but never trusted again. Same goes for other sexual criminals. They should have to wear some sort of permanent ID to put the public on notice of their sexual perversion. Not too harsh for the lives they damage or ruin.

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