old boyfriends on Facebook

By: ewhite422

Mar 30 2010

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My husband teases me that most of my old boyfriends have found me on FaceBook.  There’s the one from 4th grade.  (I also am friends with my boyfriend from 2nd grade!)  My parents and his parents played Bridge together almost every weekend.  He was a year older than I, and he also had a little sister.  We would play games or watch TV while the adults played cards.

One night we were playing “hide and seek” with his sister, and he and I decided to hide under the bed at the same time.  We were very quiet as we heard her rummaging through the closet.  He reached for my hand.  Oh!  I liked holding hands with a boy!  I think the Beatles song, “I Wanna Hold Your Hand,” was probably popular then, and I felt very excited. 

After that night, we always found a place to hide together and hold hands.

We are both happily married now, but it’s fun to reconnect with people who were important in our lives.  And that 4th grade boyfriend and I are planning to meet soon for dinner with our spouses.

I’ve heard, though, that FaceBook might not be such a good idea if one is in an unhappy relationship/marriage.  I was telling my daughter about a high school boyfriend with whom I had had conversation on FaceBook.  “He said the biggest mistake he made in his life was not marrying me!”  Before I tell you what she said, I will tell you what my husband said (because I know you’re wondering), “Tell him that’s true, I’m glad he made it, and he can’t have you now!”  My husband is not the jealous type, and he knows I adore him.

Anyway, my daughter said that she had heard of many people “reconnecting” on Facebook and leaving their marriages.  She said she knew of one person who found her old boyfriend, left her husband on a whim to be with him, and when things didn’t work out, she tried to get back together with her husband, but it was over.  Sad.

I say you have to be careful.  Your relationship has to be good and full of trust.  And you need a partner who is not jealous.  And you have to trust yourself never to let things get out of hand.

The high school boyfriend said recently, “I really want to see you!”  I said, “Fine, but you’ll only be seeing me WITH my husband, and just let me warn you, he’s an Aggie, and when he shakes your hand, he’ll try to break it, just so you’ll know…”

We have to be clear about things in advance!


One comment on “old boyfriends on Facebook”

  1. He sure will break your hand and much more if he makes a move!

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