resurrection: the day after

By: ewhite422

Apr 05 2010

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Yesterday, Easter Sunday, my husband, my son, and his girlfriend arose before dawn and walked silently to the edge of Lake Travis, in Austin, Texas to greet the day with a “sunrise service” commemorating the resurrection of Jesus.  The sun didn’t show up.  It was hidden behind clouds, so, undaunted, we watched the mist on the lake and listened to an occasional fish jumping…I like to think for joy, but perhaps, in escape of a predator.

We reflected on the resurrection and what it meant to us.  I shared from memory the story written in the gospels, and we imagined what it must have been like to be Mary, who arose early in the morning and went to the tomb to find it empty.

How many times do we wake up to revisit our plans or our sure beliefs and find emptiness?  What happens when our security is breached?  Or our sense of health and wellbeing collide with a horrible diagnosis?  How could it have happened?

How must it have felt for the disciples to realize that their hope for God’s kingdom was nailed to a Roman cross?  Not only had they lost a friend and teacher, but they had lost their entire worldview and their hope for the future.

It happens.

You go over and over the events.  The horror of it all.  The loss.  The sadness.  The anger.  Then you go back to the scene, but something has happened.  The tomb is empty.

Life springs up.  It will not be contained.  What we have experienced in the past is not “all there is.”  Life will go on.  The resurrection, what Jesus demonstrated, is a reminder to us that this material world is not all there is.  There is more. 

Our greatest failure is not the final scene.  And once we realize that we are not tied to that “death” or failure, we experience a resurrection of hope and life.  Life will assert itself in a different way.  Hope is reborn.  Relationships rekindled.  Life.  Once you’ve witnessed the resurrection, there is no going back.  The day after…you focus on living rather than death, hope rather than defeat.

I believe in the resurrection.  I’ve seen it happen again and again.  And so, on this day, after the celebration of Easter, what will you do with the life that is springing up within you?  The tomb is empty!


2 comments on “resurrection: the day after”

  1. All I can say is

    i want to come back as Elvis

  2. Reblogged this on Elaine White and commented:

    I had no idea when I wrote this that it was my son’s last Easter and that I would have to LIVE these words I wrote.

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