dining…my way

By: ewhite422

Apr 07 2010

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I’ve  been told I am a good cook.  At least, my husband eats everything I make and tells me it’s the best (very smart man).  I always try to present the food well, too.  My mother taught me this, passed down from her mother.  My grandmother used to say, “Anyone can just throw food on the table, but it takes something special to present the food with beauty and taste.”

I guess that is why, at one point, my mother owned 12 sets of dishes.  To tell the truth, I do not even know how many sets of dishes I have.  Recently, one of our children visited with her husband and son, and she loved my “Chicken Plates,” shaped like a chicken and good for serving eggs for breakfast.  “Yes!  Use these!”  she said, “Xavier (our grandson) will love them.”

And he did.

I also use cloth napkins for every meal.  I cannot stand paper napkins.  They just seem so wasteful.  And that is why my choices for dining are limited.  For one thing, if I do happen to go to a fast food restaurant, I stand there in front of the cashier, trying to figure out what to eat.  I was recently in McDonald’s and had to tell the person, impatiently waiting to take my order, that I had not been in a McDonald’s for about 15 years.  I think Clinton was president then, and I couldn’t get out of my mind the image of him jogging with his chubby white, unsuntanned legs to eat breakfast at McDonald’s.  (I would hate to see ME jogging in the same outfit, but that’s different)  I know that’s not a good reason for not going back.  But I didn’t really need a good reason.

So, when my husband and I go out for dinner, he knows where not to take me.  He’s learned the criteria.  Since we used to live in Austin, in addition to good food, cloth napkins, atmosphere, and reasonable portions, I’ve added live music.  Last night we tried a new place, Tesar’s, in The Woodlands.  It was a beautiful evening, so we sat outside, and Daniel Blanchard played keyboard (he knows all our favorite songs).  The chef came out to greet us, after he learned I have a shellfish allergy.  It makes me stop breathing…and it’s so unbecoming.

“This is a steak and seafood restaurant,” I said, “what am I going to do if I just want vegetables?”  I call myself a “nocturnal vegetarian” since that’s all I eat in the evenings.

“No problem,” he said.  “Just tell the server to let me know you are here, and I’ll make you a special plate.”   He used to be at The Mansion on Turtle Creek in Dallas, so he is used to making customers feel special.

I’m liking this place!  I think that’s how it ought to be…if I don’t see it on the menu, I tell them what I want.

Now, that’s dining…my way.

Go ahead.  I know you’re thinking it.  I’m spoiled.  I know.


2 comments on “dining…my way”

  1. I want to come to eat at your place and accompany you and your family out for a meal. Sounds lovely.

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