friends who pop your bubble

By: ewhite422

Apr 12 2010

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Friends support you, pick you up when you’re down, laugh at your jokes, and listen patiently to your stories.  Sometimes, though, they “pop your bubble,” or challenge you to think differently.  And sometimes the friend you are challenging to think differently hands it right back to you!

I’ll explain.

My friend and I were taking a stroll around the lake, and she was telling me about some frustration she was having with a new acquaintance and that she wasn’t sure that they would become friends.  It seemed superficial to me, as though she wasn’t really valuing the person on the inside.  So I said so.

That’s when she let me have it.

“Oh stop!  You’re just as superficial as I am!”

“Me?  Are you kidding?  Superficial?”  I gasped.

“Yes!”  she insisted, “Name one ugly friend you have!”

I hadn’t thought about it.  We trod on in silence while I went down the list of my friends.  I couldn’t think of one ugly friend.

I had no idea that made me superficial!

It rather hurt my feelings, so I have tried to pay attention to what she pointed out.  I have caught myself smiling at not very attractive people, just to prove a point.  But really, all my friends are beautiful in my eyes.  I don’t see anything wrong with that!


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