table trash

By: ewhite422

Apr 14 2010

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Can I just eat without having to look at advertising messages?

I call it “table trash.”  All those little stand alone message cards that try to get you to buy the giant brownie with ice cream or the “special” of the day.

We don’t eat at those places often, but when we do, my husband starts clearing off the table as soon as we sit down.  He removes all advertising and puts it in an empty chair.  How can you have a meaningful conversation with distracting messages, “buy me, buy me, buy me?”

It’s disgusting.

I guess I have an allergy to advertising.

Because of his work, we often stay at a well-known hotel chain.  The first thing I do is hide all the little message tent cards that they place everywhere.  I hate them!  How can you sleep with all that distraction?

I admit.  I’m extreme.  I have a phobia, and maybe none of you have it.  But I do.

When I eat at a restaurant, I want to focus on the food.  When I sleep at a hotel, I want to feel like I’m at home.  Stop putting things on my bedside table!

Okay, this is a rant.  And unlike my previous rant about politics, I will not be taking this down.

Let me know if you agree with me.


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