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By: ewhite422

Apr 16 2010

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It has been a long time since I’ve changed my theme song.

I started the practice in the mid 90s just to nurture myself through what was going on in my life.  I guess I got the idea from the first Rocky movie, when Sylvester Stallone, in his shabby attire, scaled the steps of a government building in Philadelphia with the Rocky theme song blaring in the background.  You remember, right?

What if you had a theme song for the phases in your life?

Here are some of mine:

“I Take My Chances,” Mary Chapin Carpenter

“Get Out of This House,” Shawn Colvin (bet you can guess what was going on then)

“What I Deserve,” Kelly Willis

“Sanctuary,” Eliza Gilkyson

“You Send Me,” Sam Cooke (this will always be my husband’s and my “song”)

“Our House,” Crosby Stills Nash & Young

Today, on the way home from Austin, I kept hitting the REPEAT button on my car stereo about 50 times.  Between Brenham and the turn off for 1488, I decided on my new theme song.  It is Carrie Newcomer’s title track to her new CD, Before and After. (

It’s about all the times we’ve faced in our lives, good and bad.  Times when we’ve failed and times when we thought we were on the right path, followed by disillusionment and, ultimately, forgiveness.  It is gripping and comforting, at the same time.

It describes what I feel at this point in my life…so many “significant events” swirling around…children in various stages of love/marriage relationships, some good, some bad.  Parents who have begun to give their dearest possessions away.  Babies, grandchildren and extended family new additions.  Even dear friends who are confronting critical health events…just in this week, a double mastectomy, a quadruple bypass, and a pacemaker.  Sometimes, I feel as though I’m just running around with band-aids for big, gaping wounds.

All I can offer, really, is my presence and attention.  And I know, for those who love me, that is all they require.  We’ll recall our times together, “Before and After.” 

Back to theme songs, what would yours be?


2 comments on “new theme song”

  1. against the wind, memories of us, when I finally make it home (mercy me), so many songs, so little time, thank you

  2. Two years ago I heard one of the best songs ever, that reflected me in those days (and still does, you know why) but it’s also been one of the strongest lessons I’ve learnt related to prejudice.It reminds me that every person’s got hidden (in some cases very deeply) talents that we do not often see, but there they are…waiting to be discovered!!!
    I definitely love it!! Check it out and let me know

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