the questions

By: ewhite422

Apr 29 2010

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I am back in touch with a few people who were part of the churches that were established when I was a missionary in Mexico and Latin America.  We have been out of communication for almost 18 years until we discovered Facebook and have slowly restarted a conversation.

Everyone has had a unique faith journey and many have become bewildered by what they were taught and what they’ve experienced.  I wrote the following with their bewilderment in mind…

The Questions

We taught you just exactly

What we thought was right

Down to the detail in everything.


No wonder you felt suffocated!

No wonder you were afraid

To explore and ask questions.


We were young and stupid

And scared, too.


Now you have broken away

From rigid rules and punishing glances.

You are asking questions

And dreaming dreams.


At times it seems bewildering, doesn’t it?


Sometimes, do you ever find yourself missing,

“This is this and that is that?”


Hold steady

You can go there and line up

All the pieces in your mind, if you want.

You might even admire how they fit together.


Just know

That Something will make you ask questions again.

Now that is the torment…

The Question—

Unless, of course, you are a child,

And then the question is your job description.


The problem is that people you love

Give you answers to your questions

And you forget that their answers

Need to be questioned.


Is that why our Lord

Said we needed to become

As little children?

Always questioning?


Can we at last give up

The torment and have faith

That we will know

As much as we need to know for the moment—

But that the next question will take us to another place?


And on and on…


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