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By: ewhite422

May 12 2010

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It is only natural.  If government sees a need, some government official will propose legislation to fill it.

I will warn you…this could be a rant.

I swallowed hard my last sip of coffee as I read today’s article in The New York Times, written by Sarah Lyall.  The article introduced David Cameron, the new Prime Minister of Britain, who is forging a coalition government between his conservative party and the liberal democrats (good luck with that)!

What got my attention was the last paragraph, “The big idea of his campaign was something he called, ‘the big society,’ the notion that rather than depending on government to provide their needs, people should look to community and volunteer organizations.”  He also used the term, “compassionate conservatism.”  Does anybody remember who coined that term?

Well, I think his idea sounds great, for the record.  I am also in favor of world peace and the end of hunger.

What has got me “riled up” is the fact that there is still a vacuum in providing for people’s needs, because the community and volunteer organizations have not been able to meet the demand.  When I say community and volunteer organizations, in my mind, I’m really talking about the Church.  That is not to say that there are not fabulous organizations who are not faithbased who provide outstanding service to the community.  What I’m saying is that, if the Church were more EXTERNALLY focused in meeting the needs of people, you know, your basic feeding and sheltering stuff, we would not have such a VACUUM that government thinks it should fill.

I’m tired of churches being focused on their “building fund” or how they can entertain themselves better with huge video monitors and stage productions.  I’m tired of the “prosperity” message that implies that anyone who is “down and out” is not obeying God.

It is time for Christians to get off our “high horse” and get into the muck with the rest of the world.  Isn’t that what Jesus did? 

Oh, but we might not want to pay the price he did.  Let’s not get too carried away!

I believe these times require a different approach to faith.  It is practical.  It is real time.  And it will require getting dirty.

If we really meet the needs of the community, we will not have government trying to do what we have failed to accomplish.

Who is up to the challenge?


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