compassion? why bother?

By: ewhite422

May 13 2010

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I received a long email from an old friend yesterday expressing doubts about the validity of compassion.  She pointed out that the animal kingdom does not display compassion, so if there is a “plan” as to how life is to be lived, apparently, compassion has no place, based on nature’s example.

She pointed out that years and years of trying to solve poverty had gotten us nowhere.  The powerful and wealthy did not achieve their position by compassion.  And if there is any good to be experienced from offering help, it is mainly the good feeling that the one who offers it receives, because the recipient of compassion remains unchanged, according to my friend.

I disagree.  But I do have to concede that nature is full of examples of kill or be killed.  And our human experience has plenty of stories of conquest and “lording it over others.”

I subscribe to a different way of living.  It may not be all that “profitable,” in the way we measure success.  But I choose to live my life by a different standard.

I believe it does make a difference.  Maybe I am an idealist.

I’m curious…what do you think?  Is there a good reason to have compassion?

I need to answer my friend’s question, and I would like your help.  So, have compassion on me and send me your comments!


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