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By: ewhite422

May 28 2010

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I am curious.  What were your lullaby songs?  I used to sing a medley of tunes to my children at bedtime.  It usually made my son cry.  He just could not handle “The Old Rugged Cross” at bedtime.

And now that I think about it, I wonder what I was thinking by singing it to him!

It is so sweet to remember his honest response to what I told him or sang to him.  One day we were talking about Abraham Lincoln.  I showed him a picture of the Lincoln Memorial, and I told him the story about how he freed the slaves and ended up being assassinated.

“One day we can visit the Lincoln Memorial,” I said.

“No,” was his only 5 year old answer.

“What?” I gasped.  “You don’t want to see the Lincoln Memorial, a dedication to one of our greatest presidents???”

“No,”  he answered, and then he burst into tears, “It would BREAK my heart!”

Oh, that we could be as little children.

I was putting him to bed on another occasion (I’d learned my lesson not to sing songs that made him cry).

This time I was teaching him “The Lord’s Prayer.”  I instructed him to repeat after me.

We got all the way down to “and give us this day our daily bread.”  He stopped.  I opened my eyes and saw his perplexed look.

“We don’t have daily bread!” he exclaimed.  “All we have is left overs and Kool-Aid!”

I covered my face with my hands to stifle the laugh.  I wish I could be so childlike and so real.  They truly seem to “get away with it!”


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