watching God work

By: ewhite422

May 30 2010

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I have my share of stories about Goodness and Synchronicity showing up and providing a happy ending.

I’ve written about the woman who decided not to kill herself because she met up with our youth group on campus.  I’ve shared the story about how the Communist students threatened to kill us, but, in the end, calmed down.  I will write soon about the earthquake in Mexico City and how no one in our church suffered loss of life or property…how the building in front and behind ours was condemned, but our building had no damage.

I’ve written about the “sign” my mother received when she “inadvertently” bought a house on a street with the exact name of her granddaughter.  I have other stories to share and I enjoy telling them.

However, I have other stories that aren’t so happy.  The break-up of marriages, friends diagnosed with cancer, open heart surgeries, aging parents, babies born with disabilities, the recession, oilfield accidents, and car wrecks.

We all have stories with both joy and sorrow.  That is Life.

I do not think that anyone of us can explain it fully.  I have come to the conclusion in my own mind that all I can do is to respond with Love, the best I can (and sometimes, I admit, I’m not so good at it).

But whatever the circumstance, I do believe that Love is present and at work.  I believe that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and we get all kinds of  opportunities to teach us to love.

How about you?


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