saving money

By: ewhite422

May 31 2010

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I have teased my husband for years whenever he would buy a lottery ticket, “Don’t you know that the lottery is just a tax for people who are bad at math?” I’d cajole.

He’d roll his eyes and study his numbers.

But I’ve been thinking about winning the lottery lately.  You certainly can’t win if you don’t buy a ticket!  So, when he comes home with one now, I keep quiet and hope to hear an exclamation of glee, indicating he won.  I’m still waiting.

I have noticed my habits are changing.  I bought store brand toilet paper yesterday!  I bought 2 heads of cabbage.  (When I was first married in the ’70s to a football coach, I think we ate cabbage and cornbread about 3 times a week).  I’m cooking more rather than going out.  I even looked at coupons in that annoying packet I get in the mail.  I ended up throwing them out anyway, but I looked at each of them, instead of tossing the whole envelope away unopened.

I guess it’s the mood in the country that has affected me.

It is probably not going to hurt me to try and save money.  I do miss those days when I didn’t look at the price of anything at the grocery store.

I hope they come back soon!


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