By: ewhite422

Jun 02 2010

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I was sitting in a well appointed living room in Austin, Texas a few years back.  Most everyone at the “Toast of Town” event had moved to the pool area, where Ray Benson was entertaining.  I opted to stay inside to enjoy a quiet moment away from the crowd, and apparently, I was not the only one with that idea.  A cardiologist I had just been introduced to stood by the fireplace, his drink in hand.

I asked my opening question, “How do you handle the stress of dealing with life and death on a daily basis?”

He looked as though I had shot him.

“You’re deep!” he exclaimed.  “I never would have guessed it, with the way you look and all!”

“You mean because I’m blonde?” I said with a smile, but inside I could feel my own stress that I live with daily.

“Yeah!” he said.

I couldn’t believe he admitted it.

“You did not just say that with your ‘out-loud’ voice!”  I exclaimed and I laughed, so that he could get “off the hook.”

We went on to talk about how he had to guard his own emotions when dealing with his patients, and that it was not easy.  He opened up about how it affected his being able to relate to his family, since it is hard to switch emotions on and off.

I listened and decided to give him a “pass” for pre-judging me as a feather brain, since he clearly had issues.

But I made a note to self not to judge a person by outside appearance.  We have all heard this, but we still make unconscious assumptions.  I was just as guilty as he was.  I thought he would give me some formula for dealing with stress, his exercise routine, his yoga, or tennis.  Instead, he opened up and spoke from the heart.

I love that.  I went outside to enjoy the music, glad that I had had the opportunity to have one deep conversation at “Toast of the Town.”


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