don’t tell my husband

By: ewhite422

Jun 14 2010

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I hope my husband never reads yesterday’s New York Times Book Review with the article from John Feffer.  He confessed that his wife has instituted a rule, “No book can come into our household without another book leaving it.”


I ordered 3 books last week!  And I confess, I have not read all the books in my house.  Still, I want more. And I don’t want any books to leave!

My husband jokes about how many books I have piled up on my bedside table.  He starts to count, and I say, “Stop it, buster!”  He stops, because he knows better.

I felt justified when I read an article a few months ago on John Grisham, who confessed to starting 4-6 books a week and rarely finishing them.  He said he has books piled up all around his house.  Now that’s somebody after my own heart.

I do “random dating” of books.  I love to get to know them on the first or second “date,” but I do not usually REALLY get to know them, (as in FINISH them).  I’m working on “commitment issues.”

My daughter works in a public library, and I envy her getting to be around all those books all day.  She can “check them out” but not have to be “committed,” as in purchasing them.

Yes, there is a public library in my community.  I’m trying to curb my book buying impulse and make friends with the library.  But then, you have to take the books back at a certain time, and I’m not ready to let go.

I clearly have a problem.


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