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By: ewhite422

Jun 16 2010

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I’m big on little things.  Coffee in the morning, fresh flowers in the kitchen, cloth napkins, and good cotton sheets.  I can’t stand clutter, and I abhor plastic.  So, when I traveled to Europe last month, I noticed little things that were impressive.

The first thing that comes to mind is the towel warmer that was in all the hotel rooms where we stayed.  It’s mounted on the wall, and when you turn the lights on in the bathroom, the towel warmer starts heating your towels.  I loved it!  When we would arrive after a long day, out in the north wind in London or Paris, I would hug the towel warmer to take off the chill.  I think I may have to have one of those in our home!

Next, I liked the “dual flushing” of the toilets.  I know.  It’s crass, but we all have to deal with it.  If you need a small flush, you press one button.  If you need something stronger, you press another.  I thought that was great!  Why don’t we have that in the US as standard?

Last, in every hotel we stayed, they had an electric pot that was housed in the dresser drawer.  You just filled the pot up with water, and pressed the switch.  In a matter of seconds, you had hot water for coffee or tea.  Very nice.

From my years in Mexico, I learned to appreciate one more little detail.  You won’t believe this, but I LOVE the built in rub boards there.  They are usually made of granite or a composite material that has a rub board on one side and a narrow sink on the other.  You would not believe how white athletic socks stay, (even for those that belong to family members who like to walk everywhere in “sock feet”), just by giving them a little whisk on the rub board before you put them in the washer.  The  housekeepers who worked in my home over the years would sniff when they saw the socks from my US visitors…all gray and dull.

I liked the feature so much that when I worked on a multi-million dollar Symphony Show Home in Austin, Texas, I asked the builder to install a rub board in the laundry room…it was stainless steel and very effective.

Little things.  They add up to make life fuller and richer.


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