here I stand

By: ewhite422

Jun 21 2010

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I have friends of all shapes and sizes and many different faith persuasions.  I have friends who believe in God and friends who don’t.  So, if you are one of those friends who don’t believe, you may want to stop reading.  I wrote this verse for a friend who recently received a diagnosis that no one wants to hear.

Here I Stand

I stand before you with nothing

Except all that I am

And that is all I have to give.

You know my coming in and my going out

And lately, I have been feeling

As though I’m out more than in!

It is my reaction to all the chaos

Swirling around me.

I sometimes look about wildly

Searching for something to calm myself.

But I know that there is nothing more calming

Than Your still small voice

That says, “All is well.”

Truly, my times are in Your hands.

Please, engrave that on my heart!

I only want to make the most

Of the incredible gift of life that I have.

Remind me that none of us knows

The day or time of the end

And so, each minute must be lived to the fullest

With the gifts that we bring,

And that is who we are

Right where we stand.



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