how the mighty fall

By: ewhite422

Jun 22 2010

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Michael Hastings has outdone himself.  You know the old adage, “the pen is mightier than the sword.”

In his soon to be released article for Rolling Stone, he has caused the powerful general leading the war in Afghanistan, Stanley McChrystal, to be summoned to the White House to do some explaining.  I do not think this will be a “beer summit.”  Beer might have played a role on the front end of the story, but it’s too late now.  I think Michael might have gotten much of his story while fraternizing with McCrystal aides where some alcohol could have been involved.

His article in the October issue 2008 of GQ describes covering the presidential campaigns of Guilliani, Huckabee, and Clinton.  He admits his strategy:  ” So my job was basically: Ride the buses and planes with the candidates, have big lunches and dinners on the expense account, get sources drunk and singing, then report back the behind-the-scenes story.”

Looks like he learned to do his job well.

He goes on to explain, “…your sources of information are the people who work for him. So you pretend to be friendly and nonthreatening, and over time you “build trust,” which everybody involved knows is an illusion. If the time comes, if your editor calls for it, you’re supposed to fuck them over; and they’ll throw you under a bus without much thought, too. ” (GQ, October 2008)

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This is theater at its best.  Raw and real time.  I wonder how his apology will stack up against BP’s Tony Hayward’s.  He is probably on a plane at this very minute and his advisors are likely going over his talking points for a face to face apology with President Obama and Vice President Biden, along with the other “wimps in the White House.”  It will not be pretty.

Michael Hastings, on the other hand, is likely meeting with his banker.


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