By: ewhite422

Jun 23 2010

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This is pure conjecture, so there may not be a shred of truth to what I’m about to write.  However, as I have thought about General Stanley McChrystal’s interview with Rolling Stone, I have arrived at a theory.

McChrystal is a shrewd warrior, so I cannot imagine that he gave the interview out of bad judgement.  I posit that he knew exactly what he was doing and so did his aides.  The reporter even expressed shock that they were so open with him.

Here’s the deal.  They are all tired of the war in Afghanistan!  They’re shell shocked, and they’re so done.  However, they have their military pride in their work, and they will not admit defeat.  So they are stuck.  They are in a war with people that even the Soviet Union couldn’t defeat; they see no end in sight; they won’t cry “uncle;” so they just make the administration mad enough to fire them all.

That would be a way out.

A shrewd way out.  That’s what I think.


2 comments on “shrewd”

  1. Interesting assumption, but probably not true considering the military mind set of service to one’s country. Remember the current plan in Afghanistan was the plan McCrystal sold Obama. McCrystal was known for his arrogance even when he was in college. More likely too much alcohol coupled with blowing off steam. Powerful people sometimes feel invincible and forget there is always someone standing by waiting to take them out if the opportunity arises.

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