hey! it’s still money!

By: ewhite422

Jun 25 2010

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It was the late 1980s and my husband announced one day that our airplane needed a new engine.  I put my head down on the desk when he told me.  We had just paid off the plane the previous year with money we had raised to do mission work in Latin America.  Now we needed a new engine!  And new radios were high on his wish list, too, although not a necessity.

I sat there stunned. 

“God, where am I going to get 8,000?” I prayed, since I figured He might give me an idea.

I looked around the room.  I had just finished reading a book someone had given me by Pat Robertson.  Now, let me say that I lived outside the US then and did not watch television, so I had no idea what Pat Robertson was saying in the media.  Now that I have been back in the US for 18 years, I am well aware of his “out there” opinions.  I’d probably still take $8,000, if he wanted to give it to me, but that’s beside the point.

“So, how are you going to raise the money?” my husband asked.

“I’m going to write to Pat Robertson.”  I said flatly.

He almost sprayed the iced tea he was drinking everywhere.  “What!  Pat Robertson?  Oh yeah, and write to Ronald Reagan, too!” he mocked.

I peered at him as I turned that idea over in my mind.  No.  I was not going to write to Ronald Reagan.

I composed the letter which ended up being about 3 or 4 pages long.  I compared what we were trying to do in Latin America with what he did to get his first television station started.  I made sure I put in details about his struggle, making clear that I had read his book.

A couple of months passed.  One morning in early January we received a phone call from our administrator in the US.  He sounded breathless.  He waited until we were both on the phone and then almost yelled, “I just deposited a check from Pat Robertson for $8,000!”

 I was ecstatic!

I hung up the phone and ran into the office where my husband was working.  We “high-fived,” and then he said, “Well, what about Ronald Reagan?”


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