learning to love

By: ewhite422

Jun 28 2010

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I believe we are put on this earth to learn to love.

I must be in remedial education!  Or maybe the more you learn, the harder the advanced courses.  I wonder sometimes if I’ll ever “get it.”

It’s hard for an only child, no brothers or sisters to fight with and make up.  That must be one reason I married a man with seven children, so that I could see how they do it.  It is confusing for me, though, because I am bad at conflict.

But my husband seems to take it in stride.  He keeps his cool and just loves.

I hope to be like him when I grow up. 

In addition to loving children in all stages of their alternating joys and discontentment, I’m learning to better love my mother as she begins to lose her memory.  We reminisce about what she does remember, and that usually involves my childhood…something I did wrong…or how she always thought I loved my father more than I loved her…or the practical jokes I frequently played on her.

I’ve heard these stories all my life.  She loves to tell how mean I was.  I guess that’s how she loves me, reminding me that I have a long way to go.

Realizing that I will not have her with me forever, I need to accept her gift and treat it as my opportunity to love her better.

Here’s one of the stories she loves to tell…

The closest thing I had to a sister was my cousin, just 3 weeks younger than I.  She had a brother and a sister, so she tended to be jealous that I had all the cool toys and didn’t have to share them with anyone, at least until she came over to play.

One day after she and I got into an argument, she tore the red felt tongue off my new white teddy bear.  I was furious!  I ran and told my mother, who reacted the way I wanted her to.  She flew to the closet, grabbed one of my father’s belts, and spanked my cousin just the way I thought she deserved.

I laughed deliriously.

But not for long.  When my mother saw me enjoying my cousin’s punishment, she spanked me, too, only harder.

Apparently, loving is not being happy when someone else gets punished.

We are admonished to love our enemies and pray for those who despitefully use us.

I wonder if I’ll ever get it right!  Practice!  Practice!


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