By: ewhite422

Jun 29 2010

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I used to do political organizing in Travis County, Texas.

My office was in a suite provided by a political supporter.  I had no sign on the door, so it was not public knowledge where I was located.

One Thursday afternoon I sat at my desk and glanced over to my file cabinet.  In the files I had list after list of precinct chairman that our group had recruited, and I thought to myself, “I probably should lock that information up.”  But the cabinet had no lock, so I called in a locksmith who arrived on Friday morning to install the additional security.  I wish I had thought to add a camera.

I locked my office door and left for the weekend.  On Monday morning I arrived bright and early, set my papers and purse down on my desk and surveyed the office.  My eyes fell on the file cabinet.  Someone had used a crowbar to bend the file drawer in order to open it!  I checked everything inside.  It was all there, however, I’m sure whoever broke into my office had made copies.

I called a well known political opponent from another party, “Did you have to break into my file cabinet!” I said.  I really was not sure his group did it, but I thought I would get a reaction.  He was astounded.  “WHO would do that?”  he exclaimed.

“I don’t know, but I wouldn’t have even known that it happened, if I had not followed my intuition and installed a lock on the darn thing!”  I exclaimed.

It was years later before I found out who orchestrated the break in, and by that time, my old opponent was a state senator.  We had a good laugh when I told him it was someone in my own party.


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