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Jul 03 2010

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I’m a sap for a good love story.  So, last night when my husband and I were beaten in dominoes by “the old folks,” as they call themselves, I distracted myself from the defeat (those of you who know me well, know how much I hate to lose) and reminisced about how my mom and stepdad became a couple.

It didn’t start out all that well.  My mother had just gone through a bad divorce from my father, who married his secretary a month later.  She was undone and her only daughter lived 10 hours away in Shreveport, Louisiana.  She lived in an apartment and rarely went anywhere except to work.  When she was home, she brooded.

Her friends were worried, so they insisted after a few months that she attend a Sunday School party at one of their homes.  She refused at first.  She doesn’t like crowds, but they would not take no for an answer.

Finally, she agreed.

While there she met a man by the name of Glenn Moss.  Glenn, 7 years younger than she, was smitten with her.  He asked for her phone number.  She wouldn’t give it to him.  So, the next day he called the host of the party and asked for her number, and this time he got it.

Glenn began to court her.  She agreed to have dinner with him, only because he insisted, “Well, you HAVE to eat!  You might as well let me pay for it.  You don’t even have to talk.”

She found his company comforting, but she was not in any mood to let him in emotionally.  He began to do thoughtful things for her, sending flowers and cards, showing up when it snowed to scrape the ice off the windshield of her car so that when she got off work, it was all ready to drive, and taking her to lunch and dinner when she would agree to see him.

“Elaine, he won’t take no for an answer,” she confided.  “You have got to help me convince him that I cannot love him.”

This was back in the ’70s, and today we might accuse him of harrassment.  But he was only being kind in his mind and she needed kindness.  She just didn’t love him.

Finally, after several months he started talking about wanting to marry her.  That did it.  She asked me to fly home from Shreveport and break up with him for her.  Now, only children can get themselves into all kinds of confusion about what’s their responsibility and what’s not.  But since I usually did everything I could for her, I flew home to meet Glenn Moss and break up with him.

We went out to dinner at the best steakhouse in town.  All three of us.  I figured I’d wait until the afterdinner coffee to broach the subject.

Over coffee and dessert, I started out, “Glenn, you seem like a really nice man, and mother really likes you, but she is just so devastated from the breakup with my father that she just can’t love you.  You need to go away.”

He looked at me over his glasses and he reached for her hand.  “I just can’t do that.  I have enough love for both of us.  And I want to take care of her.  She does not have to love me, liking me is good enough.”

I thought to myself, I should have left out the “liking” part.  But I was trying to let him down easy.

Despite my valient attempt to break up with him, a couple of months later, they married, and he became my stepdad.

And what a love story it has been.  He has given her all the love and security she ever wanted.  He has nursed her through her heartaches and disappointments. 

When he had to have open heart surgery at age 37, she and I sat outside the operating room together.  She turned to me with tears, “Lainie, I just can’t lose him!  I do love him!”

They have been inseparable for 33 years.  

Tears came to my eyes last night as my husband and I watched him guide her as she shuffled, due to Parkinson’s-like symptoms, to the car to leave.  He is the most wonderful husband for her and a wonderful dad for me. 

Great love story, I think.  And I tell it whenever I can to people who have gone through the horrible pain of divorce.  Love does conquer all.


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    My mom passed away yesterday with this wonderful man by her side. Such a love story…

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