saying “no”

By: ewhite422

Jul 05 2010

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I have a saying I try to live by, “you have to say ‘no’ to what you don’t want, so that you can say ‘yes’ to what you DO want.”

I wrote a few weeks ago about making a list of favorite things and including those things in everyday life, in order to reduce stress.  So, in addition to my favorites list, I also have a mental list of things I don’t like, and I try to avoid those things religiously.

It doesn’t always work.  For instance, I can’t always avoid traffic or red lights or gusting winds.

But I can avoid Donald Trump.  I know that sounds silly, but his arrogance, and the way he holds his mouth, not to mention his hair, make me want to slap him.  I read recently that he was upset that someone was estimating The Donald’s wealth at less than he thought appropriate.  I had the wicked idea to start a fund, which I myself would contribute to, if he would agree never to be seen on television again.  It might be so successful with hundreds of thousands of people paying, say $25 a month, it would make up for his deficit.  And we would never have to see him again!

I don’t like inane, foul, or crass humor.  My husband and I walked out of “Borat” in our neighborhood movie theater and asked for our money back.  And they gave it to us!

I can’t stand rudeness, although I realize that I have just been rude to The Donald, so I have my distinctions of the rudeness I’ll tolerate.

Clutter, bad manners, and television commercials are high on my list, too.

Racism and sexism make me furious.  More than once I’ve had to tell a male business colleague that he cannot call me, “Sweetie.”

And finally, blaring music in department stores makes me turn around and walk out.

Now, I’ve lived my life long enough to know that I will have to face all these things again, even if I try to avoid them, and I’ll have to make exceptions for people.  That’s life.

Please, don’t any of you send this to The Donald.  I do not want him calling me up and making me have to say in my best Southern accent, “Well, it’s just your television personality I can’t stand.  I’m sure you are a very nice person!”


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