moving again?

By: ewhite422

Jul 06 2010

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I have set up house 25 times in my life.  For military families, that may be average.  But my family was not military.

My first husband moved us 21 times in 24 years of marriage.  I can’t remember all the reasons for those moves.

My adult son teases, “Well, the house is feeling like it needs a good cleaning…I think I’ll move.”

It’s not that funny to me.

I have lived in my current home longer than anywhere since junior high school.  Six years now.  My husband and I sing to each other sometimes, “Our house is a very, very, very fine house!”  We even have 2 cats in the yard!

But we are discussing moving again, trying to decide what to do about aging parents, thinking that maybe we need a place big enough for them to move in, and I find myself in a quandry.  I’ve grown to love my home.  I do not want to leave.

I’m not the only “baby boomer” in this dilemma.  We have aging parents, and we also have adult children struggling to find their way.  I guess we are the sandwich generation.

I never liked sandwiches.

So, back to moving.  Maybe it’s not the answer.  Maybe, for once, I stay put and let the others move.

What to do…



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