friday night lights

By: ewhite422

Jul 11 2010

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I grew up in the town of Friday night lights.  Football was king.  And football players were revered.  The whole mystique has inspired a book, television series, and a movie.

The effect of football mania on young men has been well documented.  But I wonder how it affected young women.

I have examined that in my own life.

Here are my conclusions. 

  • I became obsessed with winning.
  • Since I could not get recognition from playing football, (being a female), I was driven to make my mark in every organization I became a part of.  This started in junior high and continues today.  This has its downside…I find myself in charge a lot.
  • I thought there was nothing I could not do.  Time and experience have taught me the error of this belief.  Egg on my face is not something I’ve gotten used to, but I am no longer surprised when it happens.  Well, maybe surprised, but not defeated.  It’s the MOJO in me, I suppose.

 I would love to hear from readers who grew up in Odessa and share a different perspective.


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