never ever ever

By: ewhite422

Jul 13 2010

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We had been flying all day it seemed, and I could not wait to find a bathroom in the Shreveport airport when we finally landed.  My two children and I made a dash for it.

On our way in, I noticed a large African American woman at the sink.  She and I smiled at each other as we rushed past her to the stalls.  Josh, my four year old, finished first.  He knew the drill…he had to stand with his foot showing under my stall so that I would know where he was.  What I heard next made me wish I had let his father take him with him while he finished securing the plane.

I heard my son point out to the woman at the sink, “You sure do have a big butt!”

Ohhhhh!!!  What do I do now?  I thought.

I started pulling everything up as fast as I could, and then, on second thought, I considered just staying hidden like a coward.  Then I heard her response.

“I sho’ do, honey.”  I could tell from her voice that she was smiling.  Thank God!

I burst out of the stall.  “I am soooo sorry,” I said.  “I can’t believe he said that!”

“Ohhh, it’s all right!  Your boy just tellin’ it like it is!”  She gave him a pat on the head as she walked out.

What an angel, I thought.  And then I turned to my son, “You just got a pass from a really nice lady.  I want you to remember as long as you live, never, EVER, NOT EVER, tell a woman that she has a big butt.”  I admonished.

He was just four years old, but he realized this was important.  His eyes were wide.

“I don’t care if it’s as big as the side of a barn!” I added for emphasis.

Some lessons stay with us forever.

It’s so funny.  Today he only dates really thin girls.  I guess he’s making sure he never makes that mistake again.


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