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By: ewhite422

Jul 21 2010

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It’s funny that I spent 12 years in Mexico trying to evangelize peoples’ souls and today what I hear most from “converts” I knew back then is, “Can you share your recipes?”

Food makes memories.

I remember growing up in the ’70s.  I had a lime sherbet and gingerale float almost every night.  On Fridays my friend, Karen, and I would eat pizza rolls and watch a movie.  On Sundays my mother would leave a roast, cooking in the oven while we were at church and pray the preacher wouldn’t preach too long.  How many times do we have to sing, “Just as I am?” I wondered, before the Sunday dinner would be ruined.

My husband swears my chicken soup cures colds and all sorts of maladies.

But when I think of the food that most reminds me of the time when I was raising my children, I think of banana bread.  Christi and Josh, my two children, would usually have banana bread and hot chocolate before story time at night, just before bedtime.  Just to smell it baking takes me back to those sweet times.  I made some today, and thought I would share the recipe:

1/2 c. melted butter

1 c. sugar

2 c. flour

3 bananas medium size, ripe

2 eggs

1 t. soda

1/2 t. salt

1/2 c. nuts

Sift sugar, flour, salt and soda.  Mix nuts in this mixture.  Mix eggs and mashed bananas.  Add  dry ingredients and then add melted butter.  Grease and flour loaf pan well.  Bake in 350 oven for 1 hour.

Tell stories or read a book aloud while your family eats…it somehow makes the bread taste better.



2 comments on “food memories”

  1. You forgot the pat of butter you used to melt on the slices! Thanks for posting the recipe.

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