Friday friend

By: ewhite422

Jul 23 2010

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What on earth is a Friday friend?

It is a friend who I talk with every week.  And we have missed very few Fridays for almost 6 years now.

He was my boss years ago and on one fateful Friday, he learned that he had cancer, a very bad cancer in his blood.

He broke down and cried the next week when he told me.  And I said that if anybody could beat that cancer, it was he.  I suggested we talk every Friday so that I could remind him that he was still beating the disease.

We do not talk about the cancer much any more.  He is back to riding his motorcycle and living his life.  My husband always tells me to tell him hello, when we play our Thursday night gin rummy game and talk about the next day’s activities.

I like Fridays.  And that my friend is still alive.


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