what are we thinking?

By: ewhite422

Jul 25 2010

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We experienced “a teachable moment” this week with the episode of Shirley Sherrod, formerly of the Georgia office of the Department of Agriculture.

She was quickly fired, after an edited video from Andrew Breitbart inflamed the internet and was picked up by Fox News and other networks.  Even the NAACP came out against her, before they knew the whole story.  And then we learned that the White House was involved enough to warrant the President calling Ms. Sherrod personally to apologize, once the facts came out.

What on earth are we thinking?  Or have we just checked our brains at the door of our living rooms where the television rules, or at the door of our offices where our computer screens dominate our thinking?

Wait!  Hold on!  There is an old saying from a good book, “The first who pleads his case seems just, until another comes and examines him.” (Proverbs 18:17)  There is always another side to the story, or at least more context.

The “tragi-comedy” of the past week has provided us a look into our shallowness and our lack of understanding.

Maybe the Obama administration was reacting to criticism that the President usually reacts slowly and deliberately after weighing all sides (ie., criticism about the Gulf disaster).  This time, when they wanted to prove decisive action and intolerance of racism, they looked foolish.

The video was produced to provoke a stir, and what it has done is expose our propensity to “rush to judgment.”

I am glad Shirley Sherrod was able to tell her story and her father’s story.  I am glad she was able to talk about how her attitudes have changed.  If this had not happened, she probably would not have had a national audience.

Sometimes, things do work out, in spite of our foolishness.


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