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By: ewhite422

Jul 26 2010

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When I was sick as a child and had to stay from school, I looked forward to the morning television line up.  First, there was “The Real McCoys” with crotchety old Walter Brennan, then came “I Love Lucy,” “The Beverly Hillbillies,” and “Andy of Mayberry.”

By the time I watched all those shows, I was feeling much better.

They made me laugh.  They made me believe that the world was a good place.  And they made me think that I could craft good stories in my own life.

I don’t know of any tv line up today that has the same effect on me, (particularly since I only watch CNN).  That is why I’ll be ordering DVDs of those old shows, just for emergency purposes.  Kind of like the chicken soup I keep in my freezer, just in case someone gets sick.

For the doldrums, I listen to the comedy channels on XM radio in the car. 

But what can really get me out of a bad mood is Billy Collins, a former US poet laureate (www.billy-collins.com).  His CD, “Billy Collins Live,” is always sure to get me smiling.

One has to have these feel better strategies for times like these.  You never know when a summer cold can knock you out, or when bad days can get under your skin.  If you already have your plan in place, you can whip it out before you forget that things can get better.

It’s Monday.  I just thought I would share that for any of you who need a pick me up.

What things make you feel better?

(caution:  this is a family column…I have teenage readers)


2 comments on “feel better strategies”

  1. Driving home from my office in downtown Worcester….through a forest that might be a hideout for hobbits…by running streams and still lakes and ponds….sun roof open to the rays above…and soft jazz on the radio.


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