By: ewhite422

Jul 30 2010

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I cannot get enough books.  I stack them everywhere.  I order more, even though I have not read all the ones I have.  I read several at one time.  I take them with me wherever I go.

Some books have influenced my life in a big way.

Early on it was the Bible, and I can say it still does influence my life.

But religion aside, I would say the one book that has influenced how I live is Living the Beautiful Life, by Alexandra Stoddard.

Stoddard, in addition to being an author, had a career in interior design.  That sense of beauty and order affected everything she created for her life, such as how she prepared and presented meals, what kind of bedding she used, and how she arranged her desk.

I read it years ago and have not picked it up in over a decade, but I still do things differently, as a result of reading that book.

My husband and I use our crystal and china on a daily basis.  We dine by candlelight every evening.  Our home is uncluttered, a peaceful refuge.

It is a beatiful life, and I think it is meant to be lived that way, every day…because every day we live is a special occasion.


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