beyond sad

By: ewhite422

Aug 02 2010

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I contacted old friends on Facebook over the weekend when I found out I actually KNOW the man in Gainesville, Florida who is planning a public burning of the Quran on 9/11.

“Do you know ANYONE who can talk some sense into him?” I wrote to friends who had served with him in a campus ministry decades ago.

No, they didn’t.  He won’t listen, they said.

I am beyond sad.  I am in shock.  I am disgusted, and I am ashamed that faith in Christ would be represented this way.

After all the violence that the world has suffered, to intentionally provoke other human beings is, in my mind, unconscionable.

I have not seen this man in over 25 years.  I knew him as a young campus minister and missionary to Germany.  I liked his wife.  I just cannot get over how they have reached this level of hatred.

I am just sick.


2 comments on “beyond sad”

  1. Elaine;
    Am going to share with you some free advice so be sure and take it for what its worth…..
    Worry is nothing more than a waste of good imagination and creativity. Also-fret only over those things you can change….leave the rest to the big guy…he can handle it.
    Words of wisdom from the deep south on a hot as hades evening…
    Peace and cease on the worry-it probably does not look good on you and as my mama used to say it takes more effort to frown than to smile so Smile at least to yourself…you will feel better immediately!

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