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By: ewhite422

Aug 11 2010

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I used to work with a woman named Sandy in an upscale design center in Austin.  Everyday for lunch Sandy would eat a Wendy’s Monterrey Ranch Chicken sandwich.  And I do mean every day.

The other designers and I started teasing her, and apparently, we were so brutal, she stopped eating her favorite sandwich.

I felt bad.

So one afternoon I called the local Wendy’s after the lunchtime rush, and I asked to speak with the manager.  I said, “Would you be willing to have some fun with your Monterrey Ranch Chicken sandwich?”

“What do you have in mind,” she asked, her voice betraying her unspoken thought, “What kind of crazy person do I have on the phone?”

I explained how Sandy had loved her sandwich and how bad I felt that we had teased her out of her favorite food.  I offered to prepay 3 sandwiches if the manager would call Sandy at work and say something like, “Sandy, it has come to DAVE’S attention that you are no longer eating your favorite Monterrey Ranch Chicken sandwich, and DAVE wants to offer you 3 sandwiches as a gift, hoping that you will start eating them again.”

The manager agreed.

Later that afternoon, I heard Sandy take the call.  When she hung up the phone, she yelled, “ELAINE!!!!!”

How did she know it was ME?  It could have been anyone!

On an earlier occasion I had to do a presentation in the furniture display area.  The manager of the design center had grown up in his family’s furniture business in East Texas, and apparently, they sold a lot of mattresses.  He insisted that we fold back the expensive bedding that covered our display beds and show the bare mattress.  He even had a sign made showing the prices of the mattresses.  All the designers were aghast, as we thought it was an eyesore and it cheapened our design center.

So, on the day of my presentation, I had to conduct it in the area where he had his mattress displayed.  I couldn’t stand it.  I hate unmade beds!  I decided to take down the sign and make up the bed so that my clients would not have to be visually assaulted.

As I was finishing up, I heard the manager’s footsteps approaching.  I did not want him to know I had taken down his display!  I crouched down beside the bed, hoping that he would turn and go in a different area of the design center.

But, no, he was headed directly toward the bedroom display where I was crouching beside the bed.  I caught a reflection of myself in the mirror as I desperately looked for a better place to hide.  I thought, “This is something Lucille Ball would do.”

When he got closer, I had no choice.  I flattened myself on the floor and slid under the bed like a little kid.

He was taking price tags off merchandise, and he came around to the side of the bed where I lay, trying hard not to burst out laughing.

It all would have worked out just fine, but I had no idea that my long hair was showing from underneath the bed, and when he bent down to remove the price tag from the bedside table, he gasped with fright.

That’s when I couldn’t hold it in anymore and came out from under the bed laughing.

“What were you doing under the bed?” he demanded.

“I was hiding!  I didn’t want you to know it was me who took down your ‘cheesy’ mattress display!”  I confessed.

I guess that’s why Sandy figured it was I who played the joke on her.  I was always up to something.


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