things change

By: ewhite422

Aug 18 2010

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It has been 18 years since I left Mexico.  And tomorrow a group of our former church members will be gathering in San Miguel de Allende to renew friendships and participate in a conference organized by one of the women I “discipled.”  She and her husband are pastoring a church now.

They have asked my exhusband to preach.

Apparently, they are going to have a “closed door” session with my ex, and they will talk about old times and how things have changed…like our divorce.  You may have guessed, I’m not going.

What I hope is that those attending will understand that things do not always turn out as we plan, that people, even ardent believers, suffer loss, and that life goes on with new opportunities to reflect our beliefs.

The people attending were young impressionable college students when we spent 12 years in Mexico “saving souls.”  I pray that are now mature, forgiving, and loving followers of Jesus.

I hope.


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