what the world needs now

By: ewhite422

Aug 20 2010

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I spoke at a women’s business conference recently.  Enthusiasm permeated the room.  Every person there was acting on her dreams.

When I stood to speak, I led them all in the familiar phrase, “What the world needs now…is love sweet love.”

That probably sounds corny at a business conference, but I can take a little teasing now and then…I believe it is true.  I gave an example of winning a large national account, even after they had agreed to do a pilot with my competitor.  Once they saw my product and met our team, they wanted to do a competitive pilot with us.

It took me 6 months to win that business, but I poured on the “love” through service and customer care.

In today’s market, the top competitors will provide very similar features.  That’s what they do…they study what the other guy is doing and they make sure they do it, too.

Often, the only differentiator is the attitude that the company provides…or the love!

I used to have sales people who reported to me read the book, Love is the Killer App, by Tim Sanders.  He expounds on how to show your customers, your employees, and everyone you come in contact with the “love.”

I also like the Robert Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership.  Robert Greenleaf was a management guru with AT&T, and he wrote numerous books on serving others.  As a matter of fact, companies who adopt his philosophy have shown significant increase in their bottom line and they are continually rated the best companies to work for.  It makes good business sense.

Some hard headed CEOs and COOs scoff at the “soft stuff.”  But they do so at their loss.

The world really does need love.

I ended my talk with a short story that happened to me the very morning of my presentation.  I was sitting in the lobby of the Omni Hotel in Houston, waiting for the conference to start, and I noticed the bellman.  I recognized him!

When I worked with a large corporation in Houston, I would frequently stay at the Warwick Hotel.  It was a Houston landmark and has since become the Hotel Zaa Zaa.  But when I stayed there, John, the bellman, was always attentive.  He always knew my name and called to me as I entered the lobby, “Welcome back, Ms. White!”

I always enjoyed my stay at the hotel.

I had no idea that when the property was bought by the new brand, they laid everyone off, including John, who had been with the hotel for over 20 years.  He landed at the Omni Hotel about 5 years ago.

I went over and introduced myself and told him how much I used to like to stay at the Warwick when he was there.  His eyes lit up.

Then I said, “I’d like to speak with the manager of the Omni.”  The woman behind the desk, who had been eavesdropping on our conversation, quickly sent the manager out to meet me.

“I just want you to know that I recognized your bellman, John, today from my former stays at the Warwick and I think you have made an excellent hire!”  I said.  “Not only did he make me feel welcome, he provided excellent service…so much that I still remember his name and recognized him this morning in your hotel.”

John was beaming.

I included his story in my talk to women entrepreneurs.

It’s all about the love.  When you receive it, recognize it and give it a “shout out.”  And don’t forget to give it! 

It’s just good business.


4 comments on “what the world needs now”

  1. Hey there Elaine – Thanks for sharing the Love – I couldn’t agree more with your thoughtful post.

    Tim Sanders – Love Is The Killer App

  2. I agreee 100% !
    During the 1980’s decade I was a sales rep for a National company.I was at times the top producer locally and nationally. Time, and care – “love” is what got me to those top spots.

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