but you’re such a nice enemy!

By: ewhite422

Aug 25 2010

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About 15 years ago I sat across the table from a Princeton educated, Presbyterian pastor who had invited me to East Austin for lunch, near the church he served.  We had opposite positions on scores of issues.  I did political organizing for conservatives and he was outspoken for liberal causes.

We decided to be friends.  I genuinely wanted to hear how he came to the conclusions he held.  And since I listened to him, he in turn, listened to me.

That day at lunch, after I had explained my stand on a certain position, he pushed his chair back and threw up his hands, “But you’re such a nice enemy!”

We laughed and started calling each other, “Enemigo Querido,” or “Beloved Enemy.”

I stayed with him and his wife in their home a few times after I moved to Houston, and before he passed away, when my enemy became debilitated with Parkinson’s disease, I would read to him aloud.  I truly grew to love him and his family.

I wish that people would truly talk to each other and try to understand opposite points of view.  To only be friends with those who think the same is one dimensional.

I’m reminding myself of that as I now have new enemies to love.


3 comments on “but you’re such a nice enemy!”

  1. What a gift! How have I not known about this incredible gift you have? You have to use this skill in everything that you do.

  2. Reblogged this on Elaine White and commented:

    In this time of political upheaval, I wish more people would bow to their opponent and honor them.

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