smile or I’ll spank you!

By: ewhite422

Aug 26 2010

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My husband is planning to have carpal tunnel surgery on his right hand at the Brown Hand Center next week (he has already had the invasive kind of surgery on his left wrist).  We planned it, despite the fact that we can’t stand the television commercials that Michael Brown does with his wife (number 4) and myriad children.  They all seem so fake when they smile as their father says, “We’ll care for you just as I care for my own family.”

I always hit the mute button if I can find the remote fast enough, but when I see his wife’s smile at the end of the ad, it makes me sick.  And now I know why.  Brown was charged with domestic violence earlier this week; apparently he twisted her arm as they argued.

As I was criticizing him in my head this morning, I remembered a time in my own past when the smiles were fake.  When my children were small, we would take “family” pictures to send to people who supported our mission work.  These photo sessions always included arguments.  The children didn’t want to be still.  The photos took too long to pose.  I remember on one occassion, when we were having the photo taken at a department store, their dad threatened, “Smile, or I’ll spank you!”

Years later, we teased him about it, but the truth is…it is not funny.

We can debate corporal punishment here.  I have friends who still believe in it.  But most do not.  I was spanked as a child and I was taught by the religious system I was in to spank my own children.  Whatever my current position is on corporal punishment, I do not believe children should be forced to smile.

I will be touring a center that helps people escape domestic abuse today, (  I want to lend my voice to help others recognize abuse and put an end to it.

That would be something to smile about!


2 comments on “smile or I’ll spank you!”

  1. Believe me…you’re doing it already!!!XOXO

  2. Elaine,
    I am not surprised but humbled. I ask for forgiveness for not making the time to explore your site. Truly amazing! You have an incredible gift from God…. and we have a gift: YOU.

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