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By: ewhite422

Aug 27 2010

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I grew up playing gin rummy with my dad every chance I got.  He usually beat me, but I occasionally made him proud by winning a game or two.

He would have been proud of me last night, as I “skunked” my husband in the first game and then won the 3rd round for the night’s championship.  We play cards after dinner almost every night.  It is a great way to unwind and let the conversation flow.

Then, there’s dominoes on Friday night with my parents.  Mother may not be able to remember the verb that follows the subject of the sentence that she just started, but she can count dominoes!  She and my dad win frequently, and it always gives them a thrill to beat the young folks.

Now, if you have not played Chinese Checkers since you were a kid, it’s time you did!  It takes lots of strategy and can be played with 6 players.  It just helps relax your mind, when you play games.  I think we, as a society, have lost that.  We sit in front of television screens or computer monitors.

My husband’s parents loved to have a good time.  Although I never met his mother, as she passed away in the early ’90s, I have heard that she was the life of the party.  She and my husband’s architect father were Rice graduates and had a group of erudite, fun friends.  (Rice people always had a quirky sense of humor…I remember their band forming the shape of a toilet bowl on the football field in a game against Baylor and playing, “Going Out of My Head.”)

Well, anyway the game my husband’s parents played, apparently after some libations, was to tie a potato to a long string that would then be tied to the back loop of one’s pants so that it hung down close to the floor, suspended to the waist.  Then a spool (you know, the spools that thread comes on) was set down in front of them and they were instructed to move their hips in such a way as to make the potato advance the spool to the finish line.  This was a race and, obviously, it was racey too.

I would have loved to have seen that.

Let me know if you try it!

Last, we’ve taken up a new game called, Sequence.  Lots of fun.  Thinking and strategy required.

So, what are the games that your family plays?  It is the start of the weekend, and I’m down for something fun!


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