good news

A friend called me Saturday morning, all excited, “I got the JOB!” she squealed.  She had just gotten an offer with the salary she asked for and all the benefits she needed.

“Thank you for talking me through the process before the interview,” she said, “I believe I was more confident because of our conversation.”

I was happy to help.  I’ve worked with her before, and I know what she can do.

Here’s what I told her as she drove to her interview with a high powered CEO:

“Try to remember since you’re there to sell yourself, ‘if you want to sell, ASK, don’t TELL.’  Get him talking about what he wants by saying, ‘Can you describe what qualities the perfect candidate for this position would have?'” I said.

“Then LISTEN and make mental notes of all the ways you meet that description.  When he is through talking, you will have gotten a sense of his priorities and his personality,” I continued, “Remember, you are interviewing HIM, too…is this someone you want to work with?”

“Finally, after you’ve shared all the ways that you meet his qualifications, and you believe YOU want to work with this person, make sure you ASK for the job!  You can do a ‘trial close’ like, ‘Well, Mr. CEO, based on what we’ve talked about, do you have any reservations about my being able to do this job to your satisfaction?’  Listen carefully…you may need to address a concern, and you need to know what it is, so you can put his mind at ease.”

“If he says that he is confident you could do the job, then say, ‘Well then, please, give me the opportunity to prove it…will you give me this job?'”

“He may not say yes right away.  He may have other candidates that he still has to interview.  But he will remember that you ASKED for the position.  AND he will remember that you got him to say that he did not have any reservations about your capabilities.”

She was ready.  We said goodbye as she pulled into the parking lot.  And she aced the interview.

They gave her everything she wanted!

 I love it when my friends win!


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