a merry heart doeth good like medicine

By: ewhite422

Sep 07 2010

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It’s an old proverb from a famous book, and I take it seriously!

That’s why I try to laugh and have fun wherever I am.  My husband awoke to my laughter yesterday as I read The New York Times while sipping my coffee.  It was the Sunday edition that was still being savored on Monday.  (It’s hard to get the whole thing read in one day!)

Anyway, I was reading an article about how robots are being used to check on elderly people, and I was imagining myself in the form of a robot, headed 5 houses down to check on my mom.  I just could not imagine Elaine-bot…looking much like a vaccuum cleaner with computer monitor head.  I’m sure they will have “designer” versions one day.

Anyway, back to laughing.  I do it religiously.

I used to require direct reports to read Fish, the book about the Seattle fish market where the employees decided to make their jobs fun.

Life should be fun…as much as possible.

That makes me remember a fun time on the job a few years back.  I worked in an office where the CEO was in a romantic relationship with a 20 something trainer.  It was not an affair…neither was married, but still, it was the talk of the office.

This 20 something played it for all it was worth.  She would sit at the head of the conference table in meetings.  She had the Victoria’s Secret catalogue sent to her at our office address.  And she took liberties with her cubicle space.

Her space was just outside my office, and I had to pass by it every time I went to the break room.  She had pictures of herself and our CEO displayed everywhere.  That really didn’t bother me.  What did bother me was the Vanity Fair magazine she kept on her credenza (well, if you’re dating the CEO, I guess your cubicle can have a credenza).  The magazine cover featured a well built man without a shirt and VERY low cut jeans.  VERY LOW.

It was distracting.

So, every time I passed by, if I saw her on the phone or out of her cubicle, I turned the magazine over, face down.

When she came back or got off the phone, she would turn it face up.  I don’t know if she knew who was doing this, but we played the game for about a week.

Finally, one day when she had turned it over AGAIN, I had had enough.  I went to my office, drew a pair of shorts on a white piece of paper, cut them out, and placed them on top of the offending photo while she was gone to a meeting.

I went back to my office, satisfied with myself, and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon as I heard people burst out laughing as they walked by her cubicle.  The CFO was the loudest.

I turned my chair so that people could not see the smile on my face.

It makes me smile just to think about it now.  Life is good!


One comment on “a merry heart doeth good like medicine”

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