By: ewhite422

Sep 08 2010

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I read my wedding vows aloud to my husband last Sunday morning as we were discussing our children’s various stages of “launching” and our parents’ imminent move to our neighborhood.  The vows (written by me) hang on the wall by our bed, and I felt that we were experiencing them in acute ways.  You’ll see what I mean:

It is fitting that I marry you in a garden,

For all around, living things

Are budding, blooming and fading away.

No shame, no embarrassment,

For such is life to be lived

At each stage, growing toward the Giver of Life,

Until what is without

Can no longer contain

What is within.

I pledge to you to live before God

As sturdy and true as I can

To be only who I am

And all that I am becoming.

To be your companion, comforter and friend

To be the lover of each budding dream in your soul

And the nurturer of all you hold dear.

I will walk with you

And marvel at every star you behold,

Wondering at the Heavens,

In awe of all on earth.

I will cross bridges with you,

Like the one on which we now stand,

Leaving behind what must be left

And confidently trusting in Goodness ahead.

We will cross other bridges together,

Seeing children grow up

And leave to make their own ways,

Seeing parents age and become childlike,

Watching our bodies change

And our pride soften.

I will cross each bridge with you

With no fear or shame,

Because I have seen

Your gracious, constant love.

It is fitting that I marry you in a garden,

For I pray that our lives together

Will be a quiet, safe refuge for us

And a place for our loved ones

To rest and blossom.

Not so enthusiastic now about the “bodies changing” part.  🙂  I’m down for the children making their own way, and parents…well…that, too.


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