work with people you like

By: ewhite422

Sep 09 2010

Category: Uncategorized


I’m an idealist, I know.  But I do believe you can make choices.  And one of those choices I make is to work with people I like.

I loved reading about the founder of Sony, I think it was featured in Good to Great, where he assembled a group of people that he wanted to be in business with.  They were not sure what they wanted to do, so they started out making bean curd.  Bean curd.  Isn’t that great?

I am meeting with some people I like today, and we are exploring some projects that each of us is doing.  We’ll just see where it goes.

Good people.  Good work.  Adventure!


2 comments on “work with people you like”

  1. Ahhh… that means you like me? hehehe

    I like you, too!

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