over the meadow and through the woods

By: ewhite422

Sep 10 2010

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Can you remember the rest of the lyric?

“To grandmother’s house we go.”

Trouble is…these days grandmother’s house is far away…perhaps another state…maybe even an assisted living facility.

Families are living in segmented populations without the rich knowledge that the older crowd can provide.  Why?  Because the “old folks” are being alienated in “retirement communities” or “assisted living” facilities.

I’m not criticizing.  My generation has been focused on “making it,” or “living the dream,” and some of us have lost sight of family…extended family…and the support that the older generations can give.

I am in the process of putting together a nonprofit that will encourage “intergenerational living,” a “cradle to grave” concept where people of all ages are valued and are invited to give to the community.

Stay tuned.  I’ll tell you soon about a project that will be the prototype.  We want to do this model in communities all over the US.


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