what is it with men and pain medication?

By: ewhite422

Sep 11 2010

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A few years back, my husband had to have polyps removed from his sinuses.  When he awoke from the general anesthesia in the recovery room, I was by his side.

“I feel like shit,” he said.

“Oh, Sweetheart, I’ll get you some pain medication,” I assured.

“I’m not in pain,” he protested, “I just feel like shit!”

I rolled my eyes.  Every woman knows that when you feel like shit, you take pain medication!

He wouldn’t have it.

Soon Dr. Bordelon arrived and I explained to him that his patient felt awful but had refused pain meds.

He leaned over Brooks and questioned, “So, you feel like shit, do you?”  His patient nodded.  “And your wife tells me that you won’t take anything for pain,” he continued.  Again, a nod from my stubborn husband.

“Well, just lie there and suffer!” declared the doctor.

I burst out laughing.

Last night he awoke at 3:30 AM with his hand “on fire.” 

My husband had endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery last week, and the doctor prescribed hydrochodone for pain.

“Are you going to lie there and suffer, or can I get you some pain medication?” I offered.

Finally, being married to me has paid off, he said, “Yes, please.”  I proffered the pills, and in 20 minutes he was snoring.

This morning when he lost after breakfast at playing gin rummy, he was waving his hand around like he was in pain.

“Do you want pain medication?”  I asked.

“No, I’ll just suffer, ” was his answer.



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